Wisdom From a rare Krishna Book

Original photography sourced from Samishome.com/blog

Original photography sourced from Samishome.com/blog

“Think of this as the mastery of your craft,” he said. This is what you get when friends visit Buddhist centres in London over Christmas. Thanks Ezra-Aharon.

So the Yogi wants mystic power, the Jnani wants salvation from the miseries of life, and the Karmi wants material profit, but the Bhakta – the devotee – doesn’t want anything for himself. He simply wants to serve God out of love, just as a mother serves her child. There is no question of profit in a mother’s service to her child. Out of pure affection and love, she cares for him. When you come to this stage of loving God – that is perfection. Neither the Karmi, the Jnani, nor the Yogi can know God, only the Bhakta. (Science of Self Realization, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

The message: Do things out of love, not for personal gain.


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