Aeolian Light Installation at The Quays, Salford

Large scale installations like this always need an explanation as most can’t figure them out, but rarely do people complain.

Their purpose is to elicit an emotional response from passersby. In this case, that’s a smile; having people look up and get lost in their reverie, the magic of pretty lights and changing colours. 

Aeolian Light Pink taken by Vicky GayleAeolian Light taken by Vicky Gayle

Erected as of 18 December 2014, it’s only open for three more days at The Lowry Outlet Mall, Salford. ‘Aeolian Light is a monolithic, immersive & interactive light installation in the heart of The Quays that visualises the wind as an illuminated, chaotic force.’ (From But what it represents to me, especially with it being a new year is that change is imminent, even within our sometimes enclosed lives. Looking up and out in the distance can give us the change of perspective or image that we’ve been searching for.

Had my phone not decided to die after taking just three photographs, I’d have surrounded myself in the magic and snapped a selfie, maybe.

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