Pure Halal Beauty Review Hits 1k

Before viewing the image below, it’s essential that you focus on the positive – my first beauty vlog reviewing Rose Brown’s line of Halal certified cosmetics under brand, Pure Halal Beauty – was viewed more than a handful of times!

Ignore that said video has received only one thumbs up (you’re all haters) meanwhile my never updated YouTube channel has only three subscribers and this has taken three years to happen! (There’s blurred lines between self-depreciation and sarcasm right now, but all in good blogging fun).

Another positive, this was the first ever vlog to feature on women’s fashion and lifestyle website, Bonafide Supernova when I was part of the team in 2011/12. Following their journey and celebrating their successes – including picking up a Creative award at the 2014 Clothes Show – it’s amazing how much Samantha and Tamara have grown this brand so kudos to you ladies, and kudos to me.

Click here to read: Pure Halal Beauty – Birmingham’s Best Kept Secret, my interview with founder Rose Brown, originally featured on Bonafide Supernova.

Pure Halal Beauty Review TwentysomethingMe


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