Infrastructure to Industry: Hip Hop Birmingham’s Call to Action

Undeniably the UK plays a part in the wider Hip Hop narrative and for some time British names have enjoyed international notoriety for their contribution to, what was a genre dominated by Black America.

Followers of the industry know all too well the issues that blight UK Hip Hop, but directing the debate on a regional level is the upcoming Infrastructure to Industry – the city’s call to action on Saturday 24 January at the Rep Theatre, Broad Street.

Infrastructure to Industry Flyer

Hosted by Mandisa Speaks, with guest speakers including Malik MD7, Big Ted, Sic’nis and Colin Rox of Four Pillars London, this open forum is Birmingham’s chance to manifest positive outcomes in our Hip Hop scene. Filmed and streamed live online, expect special performances from Dan Man, Birmingham turntablist DJ Miss C Brown and E Double D.

With just nine days to go click here for tickets and in the meantime, I leave you with an exclusive set from Miss Brown, featuring classic UK Hip Hop blended using, “MP4s, two turntables and Serato,” she says.

“I put the mix together to try and capture some of the different sounds prevalent in UK Hip Hop – including the heavy reggae influences.

“In my opinion this is one of the things that sets UK Hip Hop apart from Hip Hop in the US.”

Full Tracklist

  • Mystro – Cockadoodle doo
  • Blak Twang speaks
  • RU1 fam ft Logic & Amy True – 1 Love
  • Klashnekoff – It’s Murda
  • Amnesia ft Bham All Stars – Birmingham City
  • Joe Black – Usual Suspects
  • OP – Say Nuttn (snippet)
  • Rodney P speaks
  • Rodney P – The Nice Up
  • Roots Manuva – Witness
  • Blak Twang – So Rotten
  • RTkal – Sleng Teng
  • Inf Diggy & Cheba – Mic Check


5 thoughts on “Infrastructure to Industry: Hip Hop Birmingham’s Call to Action

  1. Elliott I am Kohan

    This is not helpful and I know I’m from the UK but give me Rakim, Nas, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nicki Minaj I could go on, any day! I am not really Grime but JME and Devlin are decent

  2. Elliott I am Kohan

    Yeah they are not Grime! People are doing their thing, it doesn’t change my life, I don’t listen to them! I like it spicy the next person may like it saltly


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