Festival of Ideas: Our Voices competition

Ayesha Jones explores the reality of being a dual heritage, second generation immigrant living in England and claims an award for Best Film. “The concept of identity is outdated. Humans have been migrating since we had feet,” she explains after her film screening. Read more here.

Ayesha Jones

I had the best birthday present yesterday! I won in the film category of Our Voices competition! With my film “Where do you come from.” The screening was held at Rivington Place in London and hosted by Adam Kammerling.

When I was 6 years old I was asked to explain where I come from, by a class mate. This was the first of many times I would have to expose my family history and defend my Identity. In this film, I take a journey back with my parents as they search for a place they can feel at home. This film explores the reality of being a dual heritage, 2nd generation immigrant living in England. What was once home to our ancestors may not be home to us. We write our own history, we make our own choices. My dad reassures me that ‘happiness is more about how you are…

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