Wisdom Writers – Apply now!

Wisdom Writers, new creative writing programme in Birmingham with the self-published Annika Spalding. Deadline for submissions is just three days away on October 14.

Annika Spalding

If you’ve followed me on my social media for a while now, you’ll know that I work closely with the phenomenal Marcia M. Spence of Success Makers.

It was with Marcia that I did my very first book reading at an event, way back at the start of 2014 and since then I have spoken and delivered workshops at her events.

wpiIt’s been brilliant actually because I have always been inspired by her own story of surviving domestic violence and living with mental health, and she has seen my personal and professional growth first hand. So much so that she recently awarded me as an honoury member of her Women of Power & Influence programme, which was a massive honour and gesture.

For some time now we have both discussed writing and have put together a writing programme, called Wisdom Writers, for women who are dedicated and committed…

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