Benefit Cosmetics discover bad brow days are WORSE than bad hair days

It is official – having bad eyebrows has overtaken hair as the worse thing that can happen according to one in three British women, say Benefit Cosmetics.

Woman in towel screaming. Picture: lightstargod (pixabay)

A nationwide poll by Benefit Cosmetics uncovered the average female falls victim to as many as 21 bad brow days – when we just cannot get them to look right – each year.

We also spend 28 hours of each year, so four minutes each morning and another six minutes ahead of a big night out, perfecting our eyebrows.

But our efforts are somewhat futile as at least 45 per cent of us still suffer from regular eyebrow disasters.

Surprise, surprise, being too heavy handed with eyebrow pencil is the most common faux pas.  Over-plucking, applying too much product or tint were other common DIY brow calamities as well as being left with brows which look completely different to each other.

However, bear in mind our eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

The poll also shows the average female has pulled at least one sickie from work, cancelled a night out and stood up a date in the past year because they could not get their eyebrows right.

The findings were unveiled ahead of Benefit Cosmetics’ launch of the UK’s first Extreme Brow Bar, 65ft in the air above the River Thames.

Are you brave enough? Picture: Benefit Cosmetics

With four in ten women polled being nervous of getting their eyebrows professionally treated, Lisa Potter-Dixon, head makeup artist and brow expert for the brand, is hoping the event proves there is absolutely nothing to fear.

“Having perfect brows is just as important as having perfect hair, lips or eyes and it doesn’t come as a surprise women are dedicating so much time to perfecting their brows,” she said.

Brow master Lisa Potter-Dixon. Picture: Benefit Cosmetics

“Increasingly, we’re seeing women are reluctant to get their eyebrows treated professionally due to fear of them looking too extreme.

“With the launch of the new Extreme Brow Bar on April 10 on London’s Southbank, we hope to show achieving great, natural looking brows can be easy and fuss-free.”

So if you are in London next week Tuesday and brave enough for a sky-high brow pampering, you will bag yourself £100 worth of products.

But if heights really is not your thing, Benefit’s artists will be offering the same complimentary service on more familiar ground in their BrowMobile.

Drop-in appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lisa added: “With the rise of brow icons such as Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian, the pressure is on to achieve brow perfection.

“The temptation can be to do them yourself, but one wrong hair can ruin your whole brow shape.

“Having your brows serviced by a professional every four to six weeks will make your brows look fuller and more defined, yet still completely natural for your face shape and skin tone.”

You heard the lady.

Some other interesting facts to emerge from Benefit’s poll:

  • 45 per cent prefer a narrow shaped brow while 24 per cent want a bold, angular look to their brow
  • The Duchess of Cambridge leads the pack with the perfect celebrity eyebrows (do not shoot the messenger) followed by This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and former Corrie actress Michelle Keegan
  • Eight in ten women take pride in the look of their eyebrows
  • Four in ten said perfecting their brows is a big part of the getting ready process
  • Three in ten ladies regularly get their eyebrows waxed, 27 per cent have had them threaded and a quarter have got their brows tinted or dyed

The Extreme Brow Bar will be at Observation Point, Southbank, 58-72 Upper Ground, Gabriel’s Wharf, London, SE1 9LT.

If you cannot make it, drop your tweezers into any standalone Benefit Boutique until April 22 to receive 15 per cent off any brow service or product.


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