After keeping it a secret from her family, the sister of a stabbed Birmingham man today launched debut novel, The Life He Chose, raising awareness of the reality of knife crime. Candace Bertram, 27, lost… View Post

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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein. Great, I’m incredibly curious so that means my brain must be an encyclopedia of relevant information, right? On the contrary, all that’s happening… View Post

Rebellious, outspoken, magnificent – black hair speaks for itself and there are a barrage of compliments being catapulted our way in adoration for our kinks and curls. Given the surge of women endorsing au-natural, it… View Post

Director: Penny Woolcock Certificate: 15 Running time: 90 mins Release date: 29th March 2013 Welcome to Birmingham – a city tarnished by the 20-year postcode war between rival gangs, the Burger Bar Boys (B21) and… View Post