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Audio Blog: Would you be in a relationship with you?


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A lot of the topics for my blogs have been inspired by conversations with friends, whether I say little or a lot, there’s usually something that sparks a trail of thought for potential posts. Problem is, when I don’t rush to get those written down, they shrivel back up, though gasping for air, in this sardine tin I call, my mind.

“Part of growing up is being able to find solutions to your own problems. At the end of the day, if you can’t do it, there’s no amount of asking for advice that’s going to help because it’s you that has to implement this advice.”

Last night, I decided to not procrastinate quite so much and take action when the thoughts were fresh and relevant. There was no time to write this down, it would have turned into an epic piece of waffle, and I can’t say that waffle hasn’t been transformed into ramble, but I ran with the momentum at least. No edits, I’ve recorded and uploaded this just how it is and as you may have guessed the question: ‘Would you be in a relationship with you?’ will crop up in this audio, eventually, when I get to the point.

“Like I say to everyone, which is probably slightly negative, I feel like your twenties are just – can be – slightly overrated. This kind of image of being ‘twenty something’ which is thrust upon everyone, isn’t what it actually is, which is why I love my website so much and writing because at the end of the day, I think I present a honest account, even if it is slightly self-depreciating, I just like to be honest.”

Apologies for it being so long, I guess I do like the sound of my own voice after all…

“You need to think about the value that you’re adding to other people’s lives. And before you think about the value that you can add to another person’s life, you need to think about the value that you’re adding to yourself.”


Running in Heels Competition

I am a Successful woman, I embrace Happiness, I attract Abundance, I crave Knowledge, I am Tenacious, I am Inspirational.


With the world at our feet, 21st century women are demanding to have it all – promising career, equal rights, beautiful family life and an enviable wardrobe for the office because we can. But climbing our way to the top is a slippery incline, and maintaining balance within our hectic lives, as well as minding our professional interests can sometimes be a task too many without support from others who have been there.

Introducing Running in Heels: Breaking Through Barriers, presented by Shakti Women in partnership with Vision2Reality, the themed networking event just for women will have you clearing those hurdles and embracing a new invincible you. Sound amazing? A sophisticated and dynamic occasion, with leading international speakers from the fields of business, personal development, coaching and technology, be prepared for lots of networking and fun for the whole afternoon.

With just over 24 hours until the much-anticipated gathering, Twentysomething Me has been blessed with one golden ticket for the event. Worth £15 tickets are soon to be sold out so don’t miss out on mingling with some of the UK’s most influential females.

For your chance to win simply send us your most powerful and positive affirmation beginning: ‘I am’. Leave your answers at the end of this post, tweet me @Vi_Gayle with the hashtag #RunningInHeelsComp or email vicky.laura@live.com Competition closes Sunday 21st April 9am giving you plenty of time to grab your best heels and handbag to make it to Loft Lounge.

Good luck!

*Sponsored by brap, Spurgeons & Birmingham LGBT  *Supported by Creative High