When I took the photo below of two diverging paths, I internally captioned it ‘a metaphor for my life’. Cliché, I know, especially as it’s not that I have a dilemma forcing me to choose… View Post

But. Cue the hugely uncomfortable elephant in the room. The conversation game changer that turned what was an off-comment I had moved on from into 12 Whatsapp messages, a sorely bruised ego (yes, mine) and… View Post

My actions have no enthusiasm behind them, an even worse, my words have no power to bind them. They’re void of meaning but fiercely vulnerable to influence, of, those who I deem wiser, more mature, more go-getting of… View Post

Imperfection – in things, in people, in places – add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection you cherish. The words ‘cherish’ and ‘imperfection’, I have to say don’t form much solidarity in my… View Post